Google Puts an End to More Products, Counting Google Listen!

Most recently, Google has declared through a post on its official blog that it is halting 3 more of its mobile and web products. In addition, the company is going to begin analysing down its more irregularly updated blogs from more than 150 official communications channels that it upholds.


So, which product is leading on the chopping list? Introduced for the first time in 2008, Google Apps for Teams, as a standard means to permit school or business consumers to join forces across many top Google tools without requiring to register for a new Google email address, is actually not as helpful for people as it was originally expected.


As a result, the firm strategizes to convert any present Apps for Teams accounts into normal personal accounts beginning on 4th September 2012. The second product, which is present in the sacking team, is well-known Google’s Listen application. Just for the knowledge of those who are unaware, the application was essentially Google’s approach to permit users to block podcasts with an authorized Google patented product.


At present, with Google Play, the consumers have easy access to a broader array of podcasts applications, and hence the company has decided to stop it. All those consumers, who have already installed that application, can still employ it, but after 1st November 2012, podcast search won’t work.


Finally, the company is sacking its Video for Business. All those videos that are formerly hosted utilizing the app, designed for apps for business and education consumers exploring to jazz up their in-house communications with videos, will be delivered over to a consumer’s Google drive.


As a gratuity, these videos will not reckon against a consumer’s full storage allocation on the company’s cloud storage service. Technology has the ability to change people’s lives, but to make a transformation, the company needs to cautiously reflect what to concentrate on, and also make some hard conclusions about what the company won’t chase.


This allows the company to dedicate more time and assets, thus providing consumers the products that they love, and making their life really better. During last month, the company told that it will withdraw iGoogle on 1st November 2013.

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